ESL Grammar Exercises

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Printable and interactive Grammar Exercises for teachers and students are available free. Use these grammar exercises to practice and teach English grammar- parts of speech. Refer students to the interactive exercises for self-study.

Grammar Exercises for Teachers and Students

ESL, Grammar Games, Worksheets, Videos

Printable Grammar Exercises for Teachers-

Self-study Grammar Exercises for Students -

Self-study Grammar Exercises for Students -

Grammar Games for Students -

Grammar & Vocabulary Fun Games for Teaching -

Printable ESL Grammar Worksheets

Adjectives & Adverbs worksheets

  1. Adverbs of frequency- How often do you..?Football Board game
  2. Adverbs of frequency- Do you often...? Board game needing dice
  3. Adverbs of Frequency communicative - Find someone who
  4. Adjectives - Physical Appearance- Describing people
  5. Adjectives of personality- naughty, hard working etc. (easy)
  6. Personality Adjectives and comparatives -High level
  7. Adverbs of Sequence - Talking about growing plants

Causative use of have- I have to do it

  1. What do you have to do, need to do, want to do-Crossword + gap fill exercise
  2. Why do you have to do it- gap fill + word search

Collocation Exercises

  1. Collocations - Verb Noun Collocations
  2. Adjective - noun Matching Exercises
  3. MORE Collocation Exercises on this page>>

Comparatives vs. Superlatives

  1. Who is the tallest? Sentence scramble worksheet
  2. Which animal is the smallest? - Crossword exercise
  3. Comparatives superlatives grammar crossword
  4. Comparatives Superlatives word search

Conditionals Sentences & Exercises

  1. First Conditional multiple choice quiz
  2. Second conditional multiple choice quiz
  3. Second Conditional Board Game - Speaking Practice


  1. Conjuctions, so, but, until, and - Cloze Exercise

Future tenses Worksheets

  1. using going to, will, plan to, intend to: communicative board game
  2. Future Vs. Past Tense Board Game

Gerunds and infinitives

  1. Gerund or infinitive? High level gerunds/infinitives worksheet
  2. What do you like doing- using gerunds to talk about hobbies


  1. Imperatives - Taboos - Don't , - Crossword - MORE Crosswords here
  2. Taboos word Search - Dos and don'ts - More word searches here

Modal Verbs

  1. Using "Should" modal verb for giving advice
  2. Modal "Should" board game

Passive Voice and Past Participle

  1. Passive voice board game- made of, used for, bought by
  2. Passive / Past participle crossword

Past Continuous Tense

  1. Past continuous Tense Board Game

Past simple & past participles

  1. Past simple matching exercise- Where did you go last weekend?
  2. Past simple board game- using time words like: yesterday + simple past tense, give students practice
  3. Past simple Vs. Present Perfect -Communicative Board Game Activity
  4. Past simple tense board game- more difficult version of number2
  5. past simple tense crosswords- Regular past simple
  6. Regular past simple crossword worksheet
  7. Simple past tense crosswords
  8. Simple past tense word search exercise
  9. Irregular past word search

Present perfect worksheets

  1. Present perfect crossword word & Gap fill
  2. Present perfect Vs. Simple past board game
  3. Find someone who has been to China- Communicative present perfect practice.
  4. Find someone who has seen a dog bite a man- Communicative present perfect practice.
  5. Have you ever tried bungee jumping? - Would you like to try?-present perfect vs. future using would you like...?
  6. Have you ever tried scuba diving?- Crossword Activity
  7. Past participle grammar crossword
  8. irregular past tense memory game
  9. Present perfect vs. Past simple worksheet

Present simple & continuous tenses worksheets

  1. Present simple & continuous tenses board game
  2. Present continuous board game
  3. Present simple & continuous with business words
  4. Present simple verbs word search matching
  5. Action verbs vs nouns word search and matching exercise
  6. Using present simple for daily routines

Pronouns Grammar worksheets

  1. Possessive Pronouns gap fill & crossword
  2. Possessive Pronouns gap fill and word search

Proverbs & idioms worksheets:

  1. Proverbs matching exercise- Match beginning of proverb to their ending
  2. Proverbs Board game- Practice using common English proverbs with this board game

Tag Questions

  1. Tag questions Communicative Board Game- Oral Practice

Grammar Type Exercises

Reading Exercises -Printable Text Mazes, Reading Comprehension printable exercises

Matching & Collocation Exercises- Printable Matching & Collocation Exercises

ESL Writing Exercises/Worksheets : Printable worksheets to teach esl writing

Free Interactive Fun Games for Classrooms - No More Boredom in Class!

Interactive Grammar Exercises

Some good ESL students usually want the teacher to give them something they can use to study alone at home. They usually like to do the grammar & vocabulary exercises at home and use the classroom lessons to improve on their communicative skills. Here are some great homework companions for your students.

Grammar Exercises : Several interactive grammar exercises for self-study. Give links as homework to your students.

Video Slides Lessons -Let students learn new English vocabulary by using video slides that teach them. this reduces the teacher's burden of presenting new vocabulary.

Vocabulary & Grammar quizzes for beginners, intermediate & Advanced students

Pronunciation and intonations Exercises : using video slides and self-grading quizzes, students can practice pronunciation here

Interactive Crossword Puzzles : Fun exercises- Online crossword puzzles

Interactive Word Search Puzzles : Fun exercise- Online word searches

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