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Since its creation in 2005, the ESL Galaxy has rapidly expanded into a portal site with its own sub-sites. This seven-in-one website includes :,, & With over 6556 resources, we lead the way with offering free resources for English teaching and learning. Our resources range from printable worksheets to computer-assisted ESL materials. Our team is made up of full-time English teachers who are still creating and updating this website on an almost daily basis. So who are the brains behind this site?



Friends and Family have always shortened my name to Kisi. I quite like it, though some people think it sounds too girl-like. If you would like to give my full jaw-breaking names a try then call me FUTONGE KISITO NZEMBAYIE.After over five years of teaching English as a second & foreign language, I thought it was time to start sharing my stuff with other teachers & students. Building the ESL Galaxy soon spiraled out of a hobby into a responsibility. I was amazed at how many ESL teachers and students flocked to my sites, using the materials I created. That has since been a motivation to develop more free stuff for my visitors. I developed 90% of the contents of these sites. With the success of the, I set about creating other ESL sites that careter for other teaching and learning needs. The ESL GALAXY is therefore the proud mother of the English Media Lab - , the ESL KIDS LAB- and I am currently a full time English teacher in Shenzhen, China; where I have always been lucky to meet students from all walks of life. This has resulted in a widened TEFL experience within a short period of time.

Having lived in China for a while, I soon appreciated the linguistic and cultural difficulties foreigners experience while living and visiting China. My solution was the building of a chinese podcasting website. Visit for online survival chinese lessons developed by me and some of my good Chinese friends.


I hold a BSc. in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Anglo-Saxon university of Buea- British Cameroon. When I graduated from university I worked as a reporter, broadcaster and teacher. My experience teaching English to French speaking Cameroonians soon paved the way for many years of experience in the TEFL industry.

I took up a teaching diploma course to lay the basis of my TEFL escapades which has since taken me to a few countries across the globe.

I shoulder the cost of hosting and maintaining this site alone and develop 90% of the materials myself. I have been lucky to meet some friends who are worth mentioning. They have brought in support in the form of ideas , teaching materials and translation. Kieren, David and Mrs. Zhong are the people I am talking about.


Kisi met Kieren while teaching at EF-Shenzhen, China. I was very impressed by his teaching of kids. Kieren is full of creative ideas for kids classes. He never runs out of ideas for kids' classes. He is the type of colleague you learn a lot from. He has taught in China, Cambodia, Thailand and Hong Kong. He is currently teaching back home in the U. K. When I asked Kieren about sharing his ideas on the ESL Galaxy, he was more than willing. He has donated lots of worksheets and flash cards to us for the teaching of kids.

Mrs. Zhong Yong Hong

Mrs Zhong is a devoted Chinese English teacher with 15 years of English teaching experience. She has undertaken further studies in TEFL training in Australia and the UK . She is a passionate English teacher who is always developing teaching materials for students out of scratch. She is great with kids in large classes. Mrs Zhong is now vice-principal of a Chinese public school in Shenzhen , China. I think if the teaching of English in Chinese public schools has to succeed, teachers like Mrs. Zhong have to be called up to share their great and successful teaching experience with others.I worked under Mrs. Zhong as foreign teacher. She and her husband Mr. Zhang welcomed me at the English teaching department of Bao An, Shenzhen Education as the foreign colleague. I was impressed by her effective teaching of large classes of over 50 to 60 students. Mrs. Zhong specializes in delivering effective lessons for large classes. Together we always sought ways of solving the puzzle of teaching large classes. She is also a reporter for the Shenzhen, Youth magazine where she handles the English learning column. We still share ideas for ESL teaching kids in large classes. She is also a teacher trainer at the Shenzhen Education department.

David Wei Huang

David Wei Huang, a young energetic English major graduate from the Guangdong University of Business, is my colleague at EF-English First Shenzhen. His dedication to teaching soon caught my attention in the office. His students enjoy his lessons, and is one of those few Chinese I have met who is excellent in all four English language skills. With a deep understanding of TEFL teaching, David offered to translate our site into Chinese for our Chinese visitors.

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